Hôtel Pasteur


Residence of research
Accueillies par l'Hôtel Pasteur
march - june 2021, Rennes

From March to June 2021, a branch of the Lost&Find association was lucky enough to be one of the guests of the Hotel Pasteur.

The Hotel Pasteur has been the subject of an inspiring architectural and human experience during ten years of co-construction between the city of Rennes, a team of committed architects, including Patrick Bouchain and Sophie Ricard, and a multitude of partners and citizens highly committed. This former dental university is now an “infinite place” with numerous resources in the heart of the city of Rennes, where are cohabiting, a primary school, an Édulab’ and an “Hotel for projects”. Based on the functioning of a contributory economy, each one participates in the life of the place at his own scale, putting his skills at the service of the common. For ten years, Pasteur has embodied a clear postulate : “be a public square with a roof”.

This atypical opportunity of residence allowed first of all the full-time mobilization and in the same place of 3 of its members, Perrine Cariou, Valentine Letellier and Lauriane Touvron. Daily inspired by the energy of the place, its history, its hosts and governance, we have shaped our approach and our objectives to develop the territorial permanence on the island of Groix and the experimentation conducted since 2019. During these four intense months, the island capsule of the Space-Time project was gradually structured around 3 tools: Research, Action and Laboratories.

By settling up in Pasteur, the association has seen its social fabric enriched by bonds of collaboration, trust and precious support. First of all with the incredible caretakers of Pasteur, Gwenola Drillet, Jade Bechtel and Lise Buisson, but also by meeting multiple actors. As inspiring as Sophie Ricard, former permanent architect of Pasteur and co-president of la Preuve Par 7, but also with the associations Au bout du plongeoir, l'Équipière, Care Ker, the social designers of AAAA, etc.

Thanks to this place in perpetual research and experimentation on its shared management of the commons and empowerment of its actors, we were able to take part in working laboratories on the life of the place, or on the legal challenges of the commons. In particular, we had the opportunity to learn about the administrative law of common goods and discover the project of the “embedded lawyers” of the 27th region. These rich and stimulating laboratories have allowed us to equip ourselves on governance issues and have inspired us both for the associative organization of Lost&Find, but also for setting up our action-research on the territory of Groix.

The residency ended up with two days of restitution and a climax evening. We opened the doors of our laboratory to all the people we met during these 4 months, in which we reconstructed and told the story of our adventures on Groix island. We presented the progress of our work and invited the public to immerse themselves in a workspace under construction. On the program: the screening of the documentary directed by Arthur Olivier and Tom Cariou on the event Lost&Find x EASA Apathy of the summer 2020, a presentation by Valentine, Perrine and Lauriane retracing the experience of the residence and all the progress made, and a stroll through the different spaces of the outpouring laboratory…

Thank you again a thousand times to the Hotel Pasteur for welcoming us, to the fabulous guests with whom we were able to share these places and especially to the caretakers and their help, benevolences and confidence! And the adventure continues in a new way since Lost&Find had the chance to join the collegiate council of the Pasteur Hotel in September 2021…

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