EASA x Lost&Find - Foreshadowing of a space-time

EASA, a network and an experience

EASA (European Architecture Student Assembly), born in 1981, is a platform to share knowledge and experiences around architecture, it is self-administered by and for students and future international professionals. Its primary goal is to reunite future and young architects in order to share theories as well as practices, but also, their different approaches and point of views, offering a unique educational platform and cultural experience.

EASA is shaped around an important time during summer, where 500 to 600 young people from all over Europe gather in a particular context, different each year. Those two weeks, creating a collective experimentation and reflection at an international scale, are setting up an intense experience, resulting in a strong community life spirit. Those aspects participate to make people come back and create a sharing community around the world of architecture.

2020 the show must go

The 2020’s events changed many aspects of the world, and EASA was no exception. The 2020 edition should have been taking place in Valga, Estonia, around the theme of Apathy. Due to the international circumstances, the summer assembly had to reinvent itself and find a way to experiment with this context. Cancelling EASA would have been against the primary innovatives characteristic of EASA. To be looking for alternative ways to learn is about questioning and re-inventing yourself all the time. Therefore, each country was invited to adapt by proposing different “shapes” at a smaller and local scale, to contribute to the life of the EASA network. ..

EASA feat. Lost&Find

The apathy theme, presented by the Estonian team, immediately echoed with Lost&Find, since EASA is where we, as a team, met and decided to build something together. This year's particular edition gave us the opportunity to set up a first experiment of our work on Groix island (Brittany region, France), and to embrace the challenge of organizing, in only two months, an event of 10 days around a main workshop dedicated to the exploration of the insular territory and its resources.

This adventure gathered around 20 people, where each one was invited to take part in the global organization. This way of preparing this small event was intended to be the most horizontal and inclusive as possible, in order to avoid a too strict hierarchy within a small group. Each person taking part in this adventure could find its place and way to express.

Groix 1 - Apathy 0

Once on site, the priority was given to the discovery and understanding of the place and the exploration of its resources divided in four categories: the material, immaterial, climatic and natural resources.
For this, we’ve been exploring the 15sqm of the island during 3 days, this research led to a better understanding of the territory complexities, particularities, people, habits and ways of “being an island” ... All these collected information and inspirations were gathered each day, and discussed during key restitution times, in order to decide together how to bring these resources into action.

3, 2, 1… Activation !

The action process that we imagined was shaped into a 48hrs rally with the aim to activate areas that were chosen and revealed by the exploration step. These punctual and ephemeral activations were a way to generate new uses and encounters on site, in order to reveal and questions its specificities.
These interventions were about telling stories, creating ephemeral playgrounds or even small artistic installations in the landscape…

Revealing topography and geological stratification of the island.

Reviving the wash-houses as a place where histories and myths of the island are broadcast.

Connecting the inhabitants to return an abandoned boat to the sea together.

Tell the imaginary story of the island and the arrival of its inhabitants.

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