Within the threshold between the real and the imaginary, the ambiance is based on subjectivity, instantaneity, perceptions and senses: there is as much ambiance as people who experience it. So how do you measure the ambiance of a place, in all its dimensions both sensitive and objective?

To answer this question Lost&Find has designed a new tool inviting participants to change their posture and shift from their usual prism: the Ambiançomètre.

Conçut initialement sous l'invitation de Au bout du Plongeoir, dans le cadre de la troisième édition des RIM, qui a rassemblé différents mondes professionnels de la fabrique de la ville autour du thème de “l’ambiance”, cet outil est maintenant utilisé dans des cadres divers d'analyse des territoires.

Coming along with a protocol of use, the Ambiançomètre trains its players in an exploratory experience, through the sensitive reading of a place by capturing the first individual feelings until the traced and suspended exhibition of a collective analysis.

It is made out of three parts:
The toolbox, accompanies in situ exploration and contains objects allowing samples collection on site, sensitive surveys realization and to graphically document your adventure.

The intensity curve allows you to collect your feelings and measure their intensities, through different sliders. This exercise has to be carried out a first time individually upon your arrival on site, and a second time collectively back in the workshop.

The suspended cabinet, a support for work and collective exhibition, is realized on a second time in a workshop. It tells the exploratory experience through a composition of samples collected, and gives a collective analysis of the atmosphere.

Guided by a protocol as a rule of the game, the deployment of the ambiançomètre is built through 3 major stages: exploration, retranscription and exhibition, which invites participants to collect as many material as perceptive elements, for a multisensory experience, in order to transcribe, at best, the ambiance they felt on site.

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