Exploration and activation workshop
Organisé par Sesam Poliklinika
august 2021, Slavutych, Ukraine
co-creation :
Perrine Cariou, Jade Apack
co-tutors :
Jade Apack, Alexandre Garbati
Katia Bukata, Olena Shykina, Maryia Karaliova, Elisabet Gritskevich, Denys Lanko, Tymur Hismatulin

Instead of focusing on the negatives symptoms, acupuncture stimulates positives key points of the body, in order to restore a circulation of vital energy between them. In a way, Slavutych is the body, and the workshop explores and stimulates its key points.

After having explored the city through a maximum of differents actions - mind mapping, interview, drawings, gathering, automatics writings, body feelings - and having shared daily discussions, clouds of words, and debates, the participants get their own imagination free and created utopian futures for Slavutych.

The narrative were translated into several micro-interventions scattered in the city. At the end the whole process was showed throught a global exhibition in Polyklinika, and everyone was invited to circulate between the micro-interventions, as if they were the vital energy between the key points of Acupuncture.

. Swimming fountain : USE IT
Water is vital for healthcare and physical activities ; the one of Slavutych is clean.

. Tea ceremony : STOP HERE
Social interaction is crucial for happiness, let’s bring it back to the heart of Slavutych.

. Falling pine cone : DRINK IT
As water for the body, pine cone and nature are the main element of the city of Slavutych.

. Portal : GO THROUGH
Slavutych is a bubble itself made from a series of bubbles that forms a diversity of atmospheres and contrats.

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